Friday, 29 December 2017

Part -2 Oracle Fusion : What is FBDI and How its work in Oracle Fusion. Step by Step to Load Suppliers Through FBDI.

In this post we will try to upload Suppliers through FBDI.I will show you step by step of this supplier upload process in Oracle Fusion/Cloud. Before start please go through my first post of FBDI in this below link.


Step1- First we need to download Supplier Data Template from Oracle Repository.

Go to this path for Oracle Repository.

Step-2:- Go to Procurement Tab as below and Click on Release 11 under File-Based Data Import.

Step-3:- Then this below screen page will open.

Step 4:- Under File-Based Data Imports click on Import Supplier Data Template.

Step-5:- Click on XLSM template and save the data Template in our Desktop.

Step-6:- This is the Below Data Template for Import Supplier.

First Tab is the Instruction tab and Second Tab is the Data Template in which we will put data for suppliers.


I am going to create TEST SUPPLIER through FBDI.

Step-8:- After Putting data in Data Template and then go back to first tab and Click on Generate CSV File button as below.

This will create file in your local system.

Step-9:- Login to Oracle Fusion and go to 'File Import and Export ' option as below.

Step-10:- Click on Create Upload
 Browse local drive to select  file

 Select Account – prc/supplier/import.
Click Save and Continue.

Step-11 :- Once the File will be Imported.

Click Navigator -> Tools -> Scheduled Process

Step-12:- Select ESS Job ‘Load Interface File for Import’

Step13:- Go to the Procurement Module in Fusion and Select supplier.

Step:-14 : Under Supplier ==> click on Import Supplier

Step 16:-Select the Import Process ‘Import Supplier’ and your zip file uploaded in the previous step.

Step17:- Import Suppliers Parameters

Supplier Has been created as Below

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