Thursday, 18 January 2018

Part 1 Introduction of Oracle Workflow builder Objects in Detail

Hi Friends , in this post I am going to explain you Workflow builder objects in detail.

This is the complete list of all Workflow objects. It is not mandatory , you have to create all these objects for workflow functioning , it based on your business requirement which object you need to

1. Item Type: - You can simulate the PO Approval in above picture as a Item type. Item Type you can say that DB object under which you will do your all working. So if you are going to design a new workflow for some specific requirement , you will create one Item type and will do all your working under this.

Item Type is the thing which will save in your data bases as a DB object and under this you can see your all workflow related objects for specific item type.

As an example for PO approval Item Type is PO Approval
Expense Approval   Item Type is Expense Approval

When you will do right click on PO Approval Item type you can go to its properties.

Item type Internal Name is very important in workflow because you can trigger this workflow only with this internal name so its quite important.

Internal Name
Display Name

is quite Important columns for Item Type.

2. Attributes:-   This is the second object of workflow builder. Attributes are like the variables in workflow builder which is used to store values , Initialize and assign values in all Workflow process.
If you want to save some value in workflow builder like approver name , or any thing else you have to create attributes and when you designing the workflow notification then if you want some value dynamic then again you need to have attributes for that.

3. Processes:- This is the third and most import workflow builder object. As its names shows all the workflow processes designs in this object. This is the place where you put each and every action step by step. You put all the business validations in this object and by that this wrkflow and approval works.

Processes is the place where you use all the other Workflow objects like attributes , functions , notifcatios and Lookups.

When you click on Proceses this is the whole thing in processes. Every process should start with Start function and end with End function and between these functions you can put n number of fucntions as per your buisness need and requirment.

4. Notification :- This is the fourth Workflow object. This object is used when you want to send any notification in any workflow process. This is also an function object of workflow but its type is notification. In this Notification fucntion , you attaches messages object of workflow in which you have desging your notfication layout.

Notification also uses attibutes to get the value of receiver so that it can send notification to them.



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