Thursday, 18 January 2018

Part 2 Introduction of Oracle Workflow builder Objects in Detail

In the post we have discussed till Notification Object of Workflow builder. Now i will start after that.

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5:- Functions:- This is the fifth object of Workflow builder. These functions uses in the process object of Workflow builder. Workflow process designs with the help of Functions , Notifications ,Attributes and Messages. So this is very critical object of workflow. Functions used in the Workflow builder to execute some PLSQL stored procedures in the background. We can attach PLSQL procedures to the functions and when this function will execute in workflow then automatically the PLSQL stored procedure will also execute with that. It is also used to assign values to Workflow attributes so that we can use attributes in other objects like Notifications in workflow builder.

6.Mesages:- This is the sixth Fucntion of Workflow Builder. Here in this object we desgin the layout of our Notifications. We do all the designings there and then attach this Meesage to Notifiction fucntions.

This is the Meesage body

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7:- Lookup Types:- This is the seventh and last object of Workflow builder. This object provided you list of value in your notification page. You have saw in some notifications where you can select some values in Drop down list. This lookup types are also used to create an drop down list in notification pages and for each drop down list value you can also initiate actions on that selection.



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