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Oracle EBS Responsibilities Vs Oracle Fusion Roles : Detail Discussion on Cloud fusion

Oracle EBS Responsibilities Vs Oracle Fusion Roles : Detail Discussion on Cloud fusion

Hi Friends, In this post , we will discuss about Oracle Fusion Roles Assignment. We all know that in Oracle EBS , we provide access to any person through responsibility and in Responsibility we provide access to the Reports and Oracle Forms like which Oracle Module Form he or she can access and we also set Data Group to provide security as per Application based.

But In Fusion , This concept is totally gone. There is Responsibility , Request Group , functions and Data Group kind of things.

In fusion Oracle come with the new concept of roles. Like in place of responsibility , Oracle has given us Roles. In roles we have access to the Oracle Fusion Pages and Reports.

Like if we want to assign access to finance manger in fusion , then we will have Account Manager Job role in fusion and we will assign this role to Finance manger user.

In Job Roles , We have Duty Roles like which are the roles a person need to have to perform his job or job role. so we also decide roles on the based on the duty.

We also have the provision to set limitation of Data in Roles with the Data Security Role.

In Oracle EBS , we uses profiles to set access t specific business unit(BU) for that responsibility.

But in Fusion , We don't set BU access in Roles. We Set BU access in Application User so from User we can control which user will access which BU's.

We also don't need to create Different --Different roles for each BU's , We can work with Singly Roles for all BU's.

Like EBS, We can also create Custom Roles in Oracle Fusion as per our Business need.

In EBS , Normally we gives access to Reports by Request group to assign the request group to responsibilities. But in Fusion , we cannot create Request groups. We create privileges for that and then assign to this in roles.

For role more about privileges and reports assignment you can go to my below post



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